Skull Tattoos

For some reasons, the skull design remains a popular pick as a tattoo idea amongst men. This classic tattoo design is adored by men and women alike as it is so versatile and can be customized in so many different ways. For the uninitiated, a skull tattoo might seem to indicate death because it is the most common symbol of death according to many cultures. Thus, having a skull tattoo on means that you aren’t afraid of death.

However, this isn’t the only meaning, a skull tattoo can also mean protection, power and darkness. There is no way to list down the different meanings of this type of tattoo because depending upon how the human skull design is used in the tattoo, the skull tattoo meaning can vary. In fact, this type of tattoo design is commonly associated with bikers in particular. Since riding motorcycles can be a dangerous hobby therefore the bikers wear the skull tattoo since it acts like a talisman in order to protect them from death.

The human skull design, with the large gaping eye sockets and teeth, is quite visually striking, therefore it is capable of attracting attention, which is the primary reason why people choose this design for their tattoo. Men in particular are great fans of skull tattoos for men as these project them to be dark and menacing. The good thing about skull tattoos is that they are extremely versatile and so they can be combined with all kinds of imagery and still manage to look good.

Some of the imageries that are commonly used along with the skull design in case of men tattoos are playing cards, wings, flowers, flames, dice, banners, animals, weapons, bones, etc. Pirates generally have the skull and crossbones tattoo. In fact, one can also combine the skull tattoo with a banner containing text or writing instead of an imagery. Thus, it is a good idea for men to use the skull design in their tattoos. In fact, a lot of celebrities sport skull tattoos, thereby inspiring and tempting their fans to get one done too.

Men generally sport the skull tattoo design on their biceps but it can be easily drawn on any part of the body. If you choose a talented tattoo artist then he/she will be able to get the design on you perfectly irrespective of the area or part of the body selected. Before getting the skull tattoo done, it is advisable to conduct some research on such tattoo designs for inspiration.